Exotic Fruits Of Thailand

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el stinko (a.k.a. durian)

el stinko (a.k.a. durian)....think funky brie & creme caramel. there's a reason why it's banned from hotel rooms. say it with me now: peeeyoueee!!

bell fruit

bell fruit....cute & nice to look at. but tastes like an under ripe pear.


mangosteen.....if there is a god, then she or he made this fruit. run, don't walk & eat it. call me.


snake fruit.......cool, weird prickly skin. tastes like epazote. if you don't know from epazote email me.


papaya....lovely, tasty & good for you. the boyfriend of fruits.


rambutan...looks cooler than it tastes. go for it's sophisticated sibling, the lychee.


sugar apple, rambutan & longkong...in order: sweet custard-like fruit; we've discussed; delightful like ruby red grapefruit juice.

dragon fruit

dragon fruit...so cool looking inside and out but just doesn't deliver on the taste front.


Another noodle soup cart from heaven…..right there in the ‘hood!

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DSC06971 DSC06966DSC06978DSC06980DSC06976DSC06965DSC06963DSC06962 Suddenly finding myself hungry and with nothing in the house other than a bunch of bananas just picked off the tree outside my house, I walked out my front door to contemplate my state while taking in the various shades of the blue sea glistening in the morning sun. As I stood there taking in the lovely aquatic vista, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a very happy site: a noodle soup cart. Oh joy. Right there on the side of the road, just outside my door, pretty much in the middle of nowhere was parked a motor bike powered soup cart. Heaven. I new my hunger would be fed in just a few minutes. I walked over to the rolling cafe and sussed out the goods. A little less on offer than my favorite cart in Chaweng, but still, a choice of flat or skinny rice noodles, squid, crab, fish balls, pork, crunchy mushrooms and the ubiquitous jars of love: dried chili, nom som (white vinegar with fresh chilies), sugar, nom pla (fish sauce), peanuts, a big plastic tub of some inviting chili paste, and a big bag of Thai basil. Heyheyheyheaven!!!!!! And of course the giant cauldron of broth. All on two wheels!!!! Being the gypsy that I am, there are no plates, bowls or utensils in my kitchen so I was very psyched to see my soup man serve me up in one of the bowls from his cart. Love him! Of course he also had spoons and chopsticks so I was laughing and sweating and slurping one minute later on my kitchen counter. That’s a pretty good time for 35baht, wouldn’t you say?

food that makes you feel good!!!!!!

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DSC04867DSC04651DSC05121DSC05137DSC05118Who's Hungry??!!

Wherever you go, there you are. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Thailand then you must immediately make friends with your hunger and make friends with the locals, and eat with them! Ahhhhh food. It never ceases to amaze me how food can alter your mood, your energy, your attitude. I am feeling a bit run down and under the weather today and not particularly hungry. Sore throat, feverish, tired and a tad delirious. And then……and then I found myself in the kitchen of a friend. Pots and woks of love were cooking on the stove. Before I could barely sit down, yellow curry with pork and tiny eggplant, scrambled eggs with kale, slow cooked pork with anise broth and lots of fresh and dried chili and crispy garlic for garnish were all offered to me in the way that doesn’t allow for a “no thank you” reply. Not that I would be silly enough to refuse the deliciousness set before me in the first place. And with that first bite of food I found myself immediately smiling and feeling better. The many layers of flavors and aromas, the different textures, the essence of delight and joy that goes into the preparation of each dish created a culinary circus that filled my senses. Filling a bowl with the goodness of your choice is like creating a small piece of art. My edible sculpture for this meal consisted of flat white rice noodles, juicyfattysuccelentpork (yes that is one word in my dictionary), hard boiled eggs, heavenly aromatic broth, chili, and cilantro came together in a way that would make both Picasso and Julia Child proud. I am ready to face my day now, feverish and tired still, but filled with the magic feeling that eating good food provides.
Until we eat again…….this is GypsyLu signing off on a gray and windy marvelous day in Thailand. Go and grab yourself a friend, a nibble of something, close your eyes, savor and enjoy the magic moment!


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DSC00419 DSC05933 DSC06732

DSC06705 DSC06670 DSC06672

DSC06715 DSC06745

DSC06723 DSC02631

Just a little simple take away.

I GREW UP in New York City where take away food was about as plentiful as you could imagine. The choices were abundant: Chinese, pizza, deli food, souvlaki, just to name a few. Now living in Thailand, the ease and convenience of take away is delicious and entertaining, even if your choices are limited to well, mostly Thai food. Which is not really a limitation when you consider the choices: pad thai, green papaya salad, roasted chicken, amazingly delicious fried chicken, noodle soup, grilled meats on sticks (good name for a band?), sliced fruits with a little bag of sweet ‘n sour dry mix to dip into, curries, corn on the cob, sweet drinks of many varieties and, let’s see……the list goes on and on. Not to mention everything is so darn good and cheap. I think I splurged at the equivalent of about 4 bucks the other night when I got noodle soup from my favorite noodle cart, a whole roasted chicken from my other fave spot, and some wok fried greens with crispy pork from another joynt. Oh, and a Chang beer at the 7-11. Not bad, right? And so good. Then there’s the added delight of simply traveling around by motorbike to all of the outdoor markets and carts to find your goods.
If you feel like enjoying your food on site then find a noodle cart and eat your giant bowl of noodle soup at a kitsch plastic table and chairs set up next to the noodle soup cart. They are usually set up right in front of a 7-11 so you can grab a beer and have it with your feast. I love the plates of bean sprouts and Thai basil and the little jars of condiments on each table that you can add to your soup. You can adjust your flavors to be more spicy, more sweet, more sour and more salty. For 30-40 thai baht per soup and 25 baht for a beer, you’re sitting happy and satisfied with a little chili-induced sweat on your pretty little smiling face amidst the lively atmosphere of a local neighborhood. See ya later…….I’m hungry now!!! This is GypsyLu signing off…….until we eat again.DSC06754