Thailand Noodle Soup Cart




Noodle soup carts are a brilliant invention. Usually set up in front of a 7-11 or some other type of convenience shop, they are a great alternative to a traditional restaurant. I love the simplicity of them. Just a metal unit on wheels with two large stock pots and shelves in between, stocked with rice noodles, egg noodles, green noodles, bbq pork, bowls of delicate little dumplings, crispy garlic, mystery seasoning and pork balls (please God, not really). Bean sprouts and chopped kale sit in bowls of water waiting to be added to your of soup. I have never been disappointed by soup cart dining. From Samui to Hat Yai to Phuket, all have been heavenly and satisfying.

You can get your goods to go, but better yet is to just have a seat at one of the plastic table and chairs and dive into the plate of bean sprouts and Thai basil set before you. And don’t skip digging into the jars of condiments: prik nam pla (fish sauce with fresh chilies), nom som (white vinegar with chilies), sugar, and dried chilies to be added to your hearts content. My favorite cart on Samui has a fabulous red chili paste with peanuts. It’s so good that I have to go right now and grab myself a bowl!!

Until we eat again, this is Gypsylu signing off from Thailand.


DSC02632 DSC02624


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