Sitting here this morning, high above the foreign sea with palm trees and feathery bamboo leaves dancing in the breeze, I am wishing for the folks I love, to be here or me there or us somewhere in between. Funny thing, life. Turn of events, turn of keys, turn of heads…..different events lately have me thinking about what is really most important in this here and now. A supreme friend recently said to me that the dance of now is all we have.  And so if that’s the case, how do you turn on the switch of life that gets the juices surging high every day? What are the fuses that when connected make you feel 100% alive!!?? What gets the motor running to the max? Well, for one thing, FRIENDS. Not just friends but your chosen family, your people, those you laugh with, cry with, love with, scheme with, dream with, fight the causes with, inspire, encourage, miss the most, go up and down and back and sideways with, and who are always there even when geography gets in the way. The folks who inspire and ire, who surprise and amaze, who poke and prod, who know you better than you know yourself. The friends who reach down your throat and pull out the words and thoughts that get choked on the way out. Oh for the love of friends. How much better does it all get when you share a burger, a thought, a tear, a laugh, a big phat gorgeous martini (more on that later), an idea with someone who gets you? Better……..much better, it gets hugely better. SO…….run, don’t walk to the phone, the computer, the post office, their house, the communication device of your choice and tell them with words, with food, with a giant hug, with a donut, a flower, a kiss, a laugh, a six pack, a botella of your favorite libation, and tell them whatever it is you need to tell them. And don’t ever forget to tell them how much you love them. Period. We will all leave this here and now at some point, and so there’s no time like the present to take them by the hand and twirl them around on this dance floor of life until they smile so hard they laugh and laugh so hard they cry, and know just how much they mean to you. So what are you waiting for? Huuuuurrrrrrrry!


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