DSC06846Nescafe? Instant coffee? For shame!!!! If my favorite barista back in Seattle knew I was drinking Nescafe as my morning Joe they would probably banish me from ever again entering the venue of their fabulous coffee haven. What can I say? It works for waking me up in the morning over here. Thai coffee is delicious but doesn’t pack the same punch as a good stong black cuppa java. Lord knows the sugar alone should do the trick. There is a Starbuck’s shop nearby but I never really liked going to SB in the states. Plus I can eat a full meal for the price of one Americano over here.

I remember the first time I had Nescafe. I was waiting for yet another ferry in the Greek Islands, the sun was just coming up and glistening on the waters of the Aegean sea, the little shop next to the pier was opening and I needed coffee to keep me going after a 12 hour ferry ride from Athens. I hadn’t quite got to the point of ordering properly in Greece so when I asked for a coffee they brought me a cup of hot water and a little packet of Nescafe. Reluctantly I added the granules to my water and winced my way through the cup. That was years ago. There have been many gorgeous cappuccinos, Americanos and double short lattes between then and now. But without a dearly missed coffee house in my current location, I revert again to the old standby.


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