Phuket, Thailand: neighborhood noodle cart.


Just down the street from where I was staying in Phuket was one of gazillion 7-11’s which are everywhere over here. What made this one special was the excellent noodle soup cart parked right in front of it. During the day it was an unassuming metal cart on wheels, covered up with blue tarp fastened with rope. But at night it turned into a perfect little roadside restaurant. Set out in front of the shop were tables and chairs. Jars of condiments, plates of Thai basil and bean sprouts, bowls of chilies, a small tin box with spoons and forks, and a pitcher of water were on the three tables. The cart uncovered revealed shelves of ingredients: barbecue pork, boiled chicken, assorted weird animal parts, dried garlic, boiled daikon and leafy greens. Fitted into the cart was a giant cauldron of simmering broth, creating not only a captivating aroma but a wizard-like atmosphere of steam, behind which a tiny woman stirred, chopped, sliced, and served up gorgeous bowls of soup like a tiny magician. With her beautiful smile she would deliver my soup, bring me a cup of ice for my water, and laugh with pleasure when I told her in my best Thai: aroy mahk. Delicious!!!!



~ by lisa esposito on September 21, 2009.

One Response to “Phuket, Thailand: neighborhood noodle cart.”

  1. I LOVE IT ! So many colors, so bright, so flashy,so Zen(itude), so fresh, so eatable…. SO SO ….

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