Exotic Fruits Of Thailand

el stinko (a.k.a. durian)

el stinko (a.k.a. durian)....think funky brie & creme caramel. there's a reason why it's banned from hotel rooms. say it with me now: peeeyoueee!!

bell fruit

bell fruit....cute & nice to look at. but tastes like an under ripe pear.


mangosteen.....if there is a god, then she or he made this fruit. run, don't walk & eat it. call me.


snake fruit.......cool, weird prickly skin. tastes like epazote. if you don't know from epazote email me.


papaya....lovely, tasty & good for you. the boyfriend of fruits.


rambutan...looks cooler than it tastes. go for it's sophisticated sibling, the lychee.


sugar apple, rambutan & longkong...in order: sweet custard-like fruit; we've discussed; delightful like ruby red grapefruit juice.

dragon fruit

dragon fruit...so cool looking inside and out but just doesn't deliver on the taste front.


~ by lisa esposito on September 20, 2009.

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