Another noodle soup cart from heaven…..right there in the ‘hood!


DSC06971 DSC06966DSC06978DSC06980DSC06976DSC06965DSC06963DSC06962 Suddenly finding myself hungry and with nothing in the house other than a bunch of bananas just picked off the tree outside my house, I walked out my front door to contemplate my state while taking in the various shades of the blue sea glistening in the morning sun. As I stood there taking in the lovely aquatic vista, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a very happy site: a noodle soup cart. Oh joy. Right there on the side of the road, just outside my door, pretty much in the middle of nowhere was parked a motor bike powered soup cart. Heaven. I new my hunger would be fed in just a few minutes. I walked over to the rolling cafe and sussed out the goods. A little less on offer than my favorite cart in Chaweng, but still, a choice of flat or skinny rice noodles, squid, crab, fish balls, pork, crunchy mushrooms and the ubiquitous jars of love: dried chili, nom som (white vinegar with fresh chilies), sugar, nom pla (fish sauce), peanuts, a big plastic tub of some inviting chili paste, and a big bag of Thai basil. Heyheyheyheaven!!!!!! And of course the giant cauldron of broth. All on two wheels!!!! Being the gypsy that I am, there are no plates, bowls or utensils in my kitchen so I was very psyched to see my soup man serve me up in one of the bowls from his cart. Love him! Of course he also had spoons and chopsticks so I was laughing and sweating and slurping one minute later on my kitchen counter. That’s a pretty good time for 35baht, wouldn’t you say?


~ by lisa esposito on September 20, 2009.

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