food that makes you feel good!!!!!!

DSC04867DSC04651DSC05121DSC05137DSC05118Who's Hungry??!!

Wherever you go, there you are. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Thailand then you must immediately make friends with your hunger and make friends with the locals, and eat with them! Ahhhhh food. It never ceases to amaze me how food can alter your mood, your energy, your attitude. I am feeling a bit run down and under the weather today and not particularly hungry. Sore throat, feverish, tired and a tad delirious. And then……and then I found myself in the kitchen of a friend. Pots and woks of love were cooking on the stove. Before I could barely sit down, yellow curry with pork and tiny eggplant, scrambled eggs with kale, slow cooked pork with anise broth and lots of fresh and dried chili and crispy garlic for garnish were all offered to me in the way that doesn’t allow for a “no thank you” reply. Not that I would be silly enough to refuse the deliciousness set before me in the first place. And with that first bite of food I found myself immediately smiling and feeling better. The many layers of flavors and aromas, the different textures, the essence of delight and joy that goes into the preparation of each dish created a culinary circus that filled my senses. Filling a bowl with the goodness of your choice is like creating a small piece of art. My edible sculpture for this meal consisted of flat white rice noodles, juicyfattysuccelentpork (yes that is one word in my dictionary), hard boiled eggs, heavenly aromatic broth, chili, and cilantro came together in a way that would make both Picasso and Julia Child proud. I am ready to face my day now, feverish and tired still, but filled with the magic feeling that eating good food provides.
Until we eat again…….this is GypsyLu signing off on a gray and windy marvelous day in Thailand. Go and grab yourself a friend, a nibble of something, close your eyes, savor and enjoy the magic moment!


~ by lisa esposito on September 16, 2009.

One Response to “food that makes you feel good!!!!!!”

  1. time to go back to Thailand! It is the basis of all flavors! the food there awakes the tongue and your senses of being alive. Simplicity at it’s best. Talk about balance, if you can be a cook and an artist you have got a thai food bible!! Makes french food look drab.

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